Literacy Project

The Literacy Project provides a comprehensive offering of opportunities to support students, families, and schools, through activities proven to help improve literacy skills. The project is designed to address far more than just the ability to read and write. In addition to providing reading, the project includes activities that support speaking, listening, thinking, and learning in creative ways. Through these methods, the project hopes to address the disparity of opportunity that affects children and youth who are overlooked because of race and economic marginalization.

The Literacy Project will hold summer enrichment, after-school tutoring, and technology enrichment programs; and adult literacy classes, including GED and ESL classes. It also offers family mental health support, migrant family support, and parent support groups. Local history is incorporated into all Literacy Project activities.

In the future, the project hopes to include an education summit and a community reading club. It will expand its community partnerships to include implementing joint programs with local libraries, and hosting educational field trips to museums, theatres concerts, and music and dance recitals.